This section describes how to integrate your AI Assistants with your Slack workspaces


You need an active subscription to be able to use Slack integrations. You also need access to one or more Slack workspaces.

Adding the App to your Slack workspace

Step by step guide to add our Slack App to one of your Slack workspaces.

Step 1: Accessing the Slack integration

Go to the Integrations tab in your chosen AI Assistant and choose the Slack menu option.

Step 2: Connecting a workspace

Click on the button Connect workspace. Clicking this button will start the integration process and redirect you to Slack's website.

Step 3: Choosing a workspace

Once you are redirected to Slack's website, you will have an option to choose which workspace you want to add the Slack App to. If you only have access to a single workspace in Slack (quite common), you will not have the option to choose a workspace, but your one workspace will be chosen for you.

Step 4: Granting permissions

Our Slack App needs a specific set of permissions to be able to interact with your AI Assistants. In this step, you need to click the green "Allow" button to authorize our App to respond to questions in your workspace.

In this step you can some times also be prompted to choose a channel that our App will be added to. You can add the App to more channels later if you wish to do so, this can be done within your Slack application.

Once you have authorized our App, you will be sent back to your AI Assistant page and you can see your connected workspace.

Step 5 (optional): Multiple AI assistants

This step is optional, in your connected workspace, click the Edit workspace button. Here you can choose a default AI Assistant for this workspace, but you can also choose to add other assistants to specific channels within your workspace.

Interacting with your AI Assistant

In any channel in your Slack workspace, just mention together with your question. If our Slack App is not in that channel, you will be prompted to invite it.

Our Slack app will try to keep things tidy and will always repsond in a thread. If your question is not threaded, we will create a new thread for our response. If your mention is inside a thread, we will respond in that same thread.

Note that Slack integration is account wide, meaning once you have connected a workspace, you will see this workspace connected to all your AI Assistants. You can assign different assistants to different channels, or just leave a default assistant to handle all questions.